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The Boy sat up in bed and stretched out his hands. "Give me my Bunny!" he said. "You mustn't say that. He isn't a toy. He's REAL!" When the little Rabbit heard that he was happy, for he knew that what the Skin Horse had said was true at last. The nursery magic had happened to him, and he was a toy no longer. He was Real. The Boy himself had said it. - The Velveteen Rabbit

Lost Stories is a game for people who want to be a bit like the Velveteen Rabbit. You are a story, floating on its own without an owner. An idea, waiting for its time. A bolt of inspiration yet to strike.

And you are in a city, with people going about their lives, moving between the different places trying to find someone that will take on you to be their story.

You will need to do it sooner than later though, if you run out of weight you'll fade forever.

Lost Stories is a card and dice game for 2-4 people which is a combination of resource management, risk management, chance and good planning.

You are dealt cards to determine what story you are, using a combination of Desires and Objet As (the things people use to get their desires). Then you enter a randomly drawn city, which populates with randomly drawn people. Each person has their own story, and some people are easier to impress your story upon than others. Young idealistic children are more likely to accept a large dream, than a jaded police officer burned out by the world. But you don't get to choose those people, or where they are likely to be each day in the world.

The winner is the first player to successfully have a person take them on as their story.

This was originally entered in the Game Chef 2018 Challenge


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