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Nah man, it's just an urban legend. Like there's some World War I soldier with his stomach missing, a gas mask, and a bayonet that is going around killing people? Sure man, you really believe that crap? Whatever, I dare you to stay overnight in the apartment tower there tonight. What's wrong? Are you scared? Chicken? I'd stay there overnight. Go on Chicken, stay overnight here with me.

Beta Maxx Death is a Slasher-Horror Movie genre game built off the Beta Maxx engine set in a non-specific modern setting. It openly riffs off classic Halloween/Slasher movie tropes:

  • lunatics with big sharp weapons
  • haunted buildings that will kill a large number people
  • ghosts that will possess the weak-willed
  • surreal landscapes of the mind

It is a light rules engine intended to give a combination of support structure but plenty of scope to solve the problems before the players in a variety of ways. 

It includes a new mechanic called "Panic" which, as it builds up, can temporarily hijack your character causing them to react unpredictably, but following the tropes of Slasher Horror movies.

There is also an extensive section on building your Slasher, since in most cases, such a game hinges on the group of Victims, the Slasher, and the various people who reveal tidbits about the Slasher before the last handful survive.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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