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Assault Heaven, Overthrow God is a Wuxia-style mini RPG primarily intended for one-shot style play. Your heroes grab the things at their disposal, and head off to destroy the unacceptable reality of an unjust local God.

This game is part of the Assault & Dethrone God Game Jam.

Cycle of Play

  1. Create your Hero; decide their Honour, Vengeance, and Benevolence
  2. Talk about the themes of your game; get a list
  3. Name the God; determine the nature of the God
  4. Name their Heaven; determine what sort of heaven that God would create
  5. Assault Heaven, Overthrow God
  6. Describe the new Earth you will all create after overthrowing that God.

How do you resolve actions?

You use Mahjong Tiles (you can find a Print&Play here and may also be released on platforms with Print on Demand options) to create scoring hands and if your score is high enough then you succeed at your risky task. The scoring hands are related to traditional scoring combinations in Mahjong but related to your hero's traits.



Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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