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The child was taken to the Oracles, who sat down to understand the fate of the child before them. "She shall grow to be a great warrior, but her fate is to die while protecting her friends and family from a cruel ruler."

With sad hearts, they took the child from the temple and sent her to live in distant lands with her father's cousin to be raised as a farmer.

But as Fate would have it, a cruel ruler came to the land she was raised in, and when the soldiers come to sack her village she took up arms with others. Blessed by the Goddess Athena she led the resistance from the farmers and routed the soldiers. One little act of rebellion turned into a larger rebellion until soon the Cruel Ruler brought his best troops to wage war on the Farm Girl...

Hands of Fate is a Mini RPG intended to tell stories that fit "Swords and Sandals" tales, Greek Myths, Heroic Epics, and other similar Genres. It also has a format where it can be run without a GM for those who don't want that dichotomy.

It's a diceless engine, which uses a form of 'trick-taking' mechanics, and gives the players a hand of cards to use in the scenes as a way of driving the drama with interesting choices. Sometimes your Hero will have a 'hand of cards' that will lead towards failure... that's 'fate' but also allows you to add more drama to the situation. 

Each of the Hero Types (Warriors, Rogues, Magicians) have ways they can manipulate the situation. Warriors can bounce back from near death, Rogues can sneak their way in and neutralise a threat in advance, and Magicians can get knowledge of the future and prepare your band for the upcoming threats.

Designed for 2 to 4 players (GM+ up to 3, or all players).

Equipment List:

  • A deck of Tarot Cards (or an online RNG that will let you draw hands of Tarot Cards)
  • Somewhere to record which Fate your Hero/ine drew during Character Creation



Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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