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I was born poor, my mama was born poor, my gramma was born poor, there’s poor going back a long way in my blood. We’ve been kicked around by every bastard who happened to be lucky enough to have a fiver in his pocket every day.
I’m done washing dishes for some man’s kid to get a trade.
I’m done scrubbing floors so some other woman can go all lah-di-dah, buy fancy tea, and go to the Proms.
I’m done with it.
I’m getting out of this life, and swapping a mop for a spatula or an order book ain’t gonna go it.

Beta Maxx Theft is a pulpy heist genre game with a number of supernatural elements. You, and your Crew, are underdogs in an alternative urban environment (it could be anywhere, but a lot of this has been set around London) who for whatever reason has ended up stepping out of 'normal society'. A world where:

  • the dead can end up lingering, helping the living, hindering them, or even being abused by the living,
  • a person living just down the street, well they might happen to have six arms, and
  • that person in the corner of the room with dark shades and earphones might easily read your lips and hear your conversation across the room.



Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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