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Everybody knows Julius. Julius is the sort of man whose name you heard said loudly in every tavern he enters. Nobody would stop Julius having a seat at their table. Everybody loves Julius. He’s a great guy. And he was convicted of murder, and will be sentenced to death in three mornings from now. Everyone is shocked. Julius didn’t even try deny it, but he didn’t break and confess. Even under magical truth, he never confessed.

The Trial of Julius Pigginson is a 'whodunnit' mystery with an in-world time limit to rescue the well-known and well-liked Julius.

While intended for 3.5E, this game has very few system dependent features, and could even be run as a kind of "How to Host a Murder" game for your players. The GM also has the option to make this a 'no combat' scenario if they wish, since it is primarily a social/investigation type game.

It contains the information known by the cast of 15 NPCs, portraits for each, and background to the entire situation.

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