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The crowd have been chanting for a while, ready for the game to start. The Ogres have the sun behind them for the first half, and with Elf opponents today the Referees will have their work cut out for them. They've organised 5 Referees for this game, which probably means there won't be a Fatality Pause where there are no living Referees at the game. It's going to be a close game, we will see if the Ogres will score most of their goals by killing all of their opponents again...

Bloodbath Football Association

Bloodbath Football Association is a 5-a-side* best-of-3-goals card-based soccer game that uses 2d6 to determine the other variable parts of the game.

Each player has a deck of their team players, special team tactics, and set of generic tactics that are available to every team. There's a Ball card, and to round it all out, there is the Referee Deck which exists to help determine when, where, and if there are penalties awarded.

It is a silly and violent game.

*Note: Not all sides field 5 players.

Playtest Set

This is a playtest set, intended to get feedback about the rules and play speed of the game. You'll need to print this on either US Letter or A4 paper, and cut them out yourself.


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